3 Places to Visit in Long Beach CA

Did you know that Long Beach is one of the busiest ports in the US? Its motto is ‘The International City’ for a reason, and Long Beach caters to millions of tourists annually. The Long Beach Lighthouse, Bluff Park, Villa Riviera and more await you if you visit The Aquatic Capital of America. Get a load of these top three places to visit if you travel to Long Beach CA.

Enjoy the Sun on Naples Island

One of the best areas to check out in Long Beach is Naples Island. You are going to see some multi-million dollar luxury homes, and it is a nice area to explore. Take a gondola ride, rent a kayak, take a nice long walk and take in the scene and the views. It’s a great experience, and don’t forget to wine and dine yourself while you’re there.

Explore the Ocean at the Aquarium of the Pacific

100 Aquarium Way, Long Beach, CA 90802

Another one of the favorite places for people to visit in Long Beach is the Aquarium of the Pacific. This is more than just your average aquarium, and there are also outdoor exhibits there. Reviews point to the fact that you are going to want to be sure you take the behind the scenes tour. Considered to be one of the best aquariums in all of So Cal, the Aquarium of the Pacific is going to impress. The penguin exhibit is a hit, and so is the lorikeet forest.

Everyone Loves the Pike!

95 S Pine Ave, Long Beach, CA 90802

You know you want to ride a big Ferris Wheel and hit up a part of Long Beach that is a world of fun. That’s why you need to make your way to The Pike at Rainbow Harbor. Located at 95 South Pine Avenue, the shoreline village is a great shopping area and quite the sight to enjoy. You can also catch a movie and grab a good bite to eat while you are there. You are going to find more shops than you can handle there, so it’s quite the experience.

The entire city of Long Beach is quite the experience. The 3 attractions mentioned are places where you can spend some significant time. There are shorter stops as well, and there are certainly other unique places of interest that will catch your attention. For example, you might also want to check out Belmont Shore, Rancho Los Alimitos and the Long Beach Waterfront.

But first check out the three top places mentioned because they were hand selected as unique attractions that you will enjoy. If you’re thinking about moving to this amazing city and starting a business, give Long Beach SEO Guy a call at (562) 247-0230 to discuss your online marketing needs.

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