3 Things To Do In Long Beach CA That You Don’t Want To Miss

The International City is right on the Pacific Coast. Long Beach CA has a population of nearly half a million people, and the city gets quite a few visitors each year. The port city is right by  OC and features nearly 100 individual attractions and places of interest.

Here are 3 top things to do in the great city of Long Beach, California

The Pike at Rainbow Harbor is a wonderful place to go shopping. It is also a great area of Long Beach in which to find a restaurant. You can start your adventure at 95 South Pine Avenue, and there is also a Ferris Wheel for you to ride and take in the views. Reviews mention that the Lighthouse Aquarium is also close by. You can tell that The Pike at Rainbow Harbor is in a great location, central to many other places of interest in Long Beach.

Did you know you were going to get to see a pyramid when you visit? There are only two other pyramids in the country, so this is definitely a sight you want to see. It is known as The Walter Pyramid, and its location is 1250 North Bellflower Road. You can check out the venue, and you might want to take a look at the event schedule, too. The Walter Pyramid is mostly a sports venue, but it is host to other events as well. The pyramid is actually located on the campus of California State University.

Performing Arts Center

Another popular event venue and attraction in Long Beach is The Richard and Karen Carpenter Performing Arts Center, which is located at 6200 East Atherton Street. The venue plays host to all types of theatrical shows, and so you’re again going to want to check out the event schedule when you are visiting Long Beach CA. A stop by The Performing Arts Center would be quite entertaining.

That’s 3 top attractions in Long Beach, California, but you’re going to have time to do more than that, right? You might want to know the names of some other top places of interest. Here are five more:

* Rancho Los Cerritos
* Long Beach Museum of Art
* Aquarium of the Pacific
* Belmont Shore
* El Dorado Nature Center

Enjoy the Outdoors in Long Beach at El Dorado Nature Center

The El Dorado Nature Center is actually the top-ranked attraction in Long Beach. Reviews say that the Aquarium of the Pacific should also not be missed. If you have brought your pet along with you for vacation, Rosie’s Dog Beach is a popular place to go. Pine Avenue and Shoreline Village are two more popular shopping destinations, and you might also want to water taxi on over to Naples Island.

The Catalina Express is how you get there. Can you believe there are 6 other cities in California with a larger population than Long Beach? That says a lot about the state of California. The city of Long Beach is truly special though, and you’re going to enjoy your vacation as you stop by some of these top-ranked locations that we enjoy everyday in Long Beach. Want help getting your business exposure so that you can reap the benefits of tourism? Contact us today to learn more.