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Jason David

Jason David - SEO Specialist

Hey there, I'm Jason and thanks for visiting Long Beach SEO Guy. I've been an SEO professional for over 8 years specializing in search engine optimization and PPC advertising. If you're looking for a growth strategy, whether you're a local business, E-commerce company or national franchise, get in touch or visit us in the beautiful city of Long Beach, California.

Your Goals Are Our Goals

At our SEO agency there's one objective. That's to bring clients a ton of new business through search engine optimization and other digital marketing channels. I've been in this business for almost 8 years and have seen digital marketing agencies using short term tactics come and go. Our strategies are always up to date and have the bigger picture in mind.


That might sound a bit cliche but we aren't the types of SEOs that read something on the internet or blog and take it as gospel, then go change clients' websites and keep our fingers crossed. We test all of our tactics and internet marketing strategies in the wild before adding them to our arsenal. If we didn't then we'd just be experimenting with our clients' money.


Search Engine Optimization

Gaining exposure in the search engines is all about being better than the competition. That's the end game which is why every time we take on a client for SEO we take a look at the entire landscape including YOUR website, YOUR competitors and what Google already likes as seen in the search results.

Local SEO (Maps)

Let's face it, if you are a local business either with a physical location or working in a service area you MUST be in the Google maps pack aka 3 pack. It's a surefire way to generate phone calls to your business in the location you actually serve. Our Long Beach SEO services can get any business to the top of the local pack.

Pay Per Click Advertising

We aren't just a one trick pony. That's because we believe in a well rounded and complete digital marketing strategy. Pay Per Click ads are a great way to generate a quick ROI and help focus an SEO campaign.


Web Design

Powerful Websites Built On the BEST CMS

Design Your Website
  •  Impressive Design
  •  SEO Optimized
  •  Looks Good On All Devices
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We are currently available for projects whether you're in Long Beach, California or elsewhere, please feel free to call or contact us.

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Why Work With Us?

We Work With Local & National Businesses

As the internet continues to rapidly change, it is very important to hand your online marketing off to somebody that really knows what they're doing. Otherwise, over time, you'll just be damaging your digital properties, and in turn, that will harm your business. As I just said, I've been doing SEO for many years. I have used search engine optimization to help multi-million dollar corporations increase their business.

How Much Does It Cost?

For any kind of service, pricing is always one of the most asked questions. I provide a broad range of option, it just depends on what your needs are. I wouldn't ever simply throw a number out before consulting with you about what your specific requirements are. What goals do you have? Are you simply looking to upgrade your website so that it looks great on a mobile device? *By the way, that is definitely something you SHOULD be searching for since these days it's critical that your website looks good on a tablet or smartphone, and also function properly to provide your visitors with a great user experience.) Therefore, creating your website so that it works well on the various mobile device is going to cost you some money.
What if you own an e-commerce business? It might be that you aren't satisfied with the number of online sales that you are getting. You might be offering the right products at competitive prices. However, you still don't think your business is doing as well as you think it should. I offer a package deal where the first thing I do is perform an analysis to see where your business appears in the major search engine results (Bing, Yahoo, Google) and for which terms. For example, maybe you think when individuals are searching for "blue automatic widget," your website should be in one of the top places that searchers see. However, for whatever reason, you can't be found anywhere.
My analysis can help to uncover the areas where your website is falling short and the reasons why. At that point, there are strategies that can be implemented to help. However, the issues are diagnosed first, and then we do something to fix them. If that is all you want me to do, then that is fine.
I can also handle PPC, reputation management, web design, social media management, SEO analysis reports for your existing websites, and other types of traffic generation you might want.

What Are You Waiting For?

Contact me today for all of your digital marketing services. Don't continue to miss out on business or throw your money away. I can assist you no matter where your location is. That is what is so beautiful about this business! We will be able to consult and communicate by email and phone, or private webinars and Skype - just like a conference call.
After the consultation and you agree to bring me on as your search engine expert, I will then start working to get your site to the top of the results right away. Let my SEO agency handle your digital marketing so you can work on running your business.